Five Steps to Salvation

Realize you are a sinner. Romans 3: 10, 23

We must all come to this point in our lives if we truly want Christ to forgive us of our sins. Sin is anything that causes us to miss the mark of God’s Holiness and perfection. Only God can take care of our sin problem.

Realize that there is a penalty for your sin. Romans 6: 23 Revelations 21: 8

We all know that we are going to die, but dying without Christ means that we will be eternally separated from God. The Bible tells us that everyone who has not accepted Christ as their Savior will spend eternity in Hell.

Acknowledge that Jesus paid the penalty for you. Romans 5: 8

God loved each one of us so much that He gave his only Son Jesus to bear our sin and die in our place on a cross. We can’t really understand it, but Jesus became our substitute for judgment. If we accept Him, we won’t have to spend eternity in Hell.

Acknowledge that Christ wants to give you the “free gift” of eternal life in Heaven.

Romans 6: 23

If someone gives you a gift, it is not truly yours until you accept it and take it. God is offering you this wonderful gift freely, but you must receive it. You don’t have to be good enough for it, because no person can be good enough of their own accord. All any person has to do is just receive the gift and fully accept it.

Believe in Christ and ask Him to be your Savior. Romans 10: 9 – 10, 13

There are two things that we must do to receive Christ. First we must “confess”, or tell God verbally that we are a sinner and that Jesus is the only one who can cleanse us. Second, we must “believe”. We have to believe in our heart that Jesus died, was buried, rose again, and that He is the only way for us to obtain Salvation.

All you have to do is just ask Him and He will forgive you of your sins and cleanse your heart. Than you will be His true Child.

Nothing else in your life is as important as where you will spend eternity. God says that in order to go to Heaven a person must be Born Again.

Please contact our church and let us know if you have accepted Christ in your life.