Our Vision

It is our vision to have a church where people feel truly welcomed who are hurting, hopeless, and helpless. We want to be a church where they can find love and acceptance no matter what their situation in life, and where they can be discipled and experience the transforming power of God working in their lives.

We truly want people to become “seekers” of the true God and learn to become fully devoted followers of Christ. This way they can learn discernment between good and bad and not be deceived by Satan.

It is our vision to gather as the body of Christ and glorify God each week in meaningful worship. We want people to truly experience the touch of God each day in their everyday lives.

It is our vision for people to grow immensely in Christ through having a daily quiet time with God, tithing their money, time and self on a weekly basis, having a strong prayer life, and take Bible Studies, small groups, seminars and retreats that could help them in their growth. We also want to provide good resources and instruction in order to equip believers with Biblical Truth and sound doctrine.

It is our vision that people will seek and discover their spiritual gifts so that they can use them to help others and be used by God in whatever way He chooses to impact our church, community and world around us.

It is our vision that the church will always provide the best leaders and workers who have the vision to lead our children and youth to love Jesus and seek a personal relationship with Him. We also want them to grow spiritually, discover their spiritual gifts at an early age, learn how to truly worship God intensely, and become equipped to effectively live out their mission in the world around them. It is our desire that our children and youth would have such a personal relationship with God that it would affect the people who are around them for the good. We want them to be strong enough to withstand all the fiery darts that Satan tries to throw at them to bring them down.

It is our vision to have spacious, functional buildings to support our purposes and programs. It is also our desire that we could get to the point of having a seven day a week ministry here with different people walking in their own respective gifts and letting God use them to help transform other lives around them. We want to be open to the leading of the Holy Spirit in every way so that we can carry on programs and do things the way that He wants us to do them.

It is our vision to have a healthy, balanced church in every aspect. We want to be able to have a good influence in our city and surrounding county. We also want to be able to stand strongly against evil and stand just as strong for good. We want to truly be united as one in Christ in every way. That’s the only way that we can make a huge impact in our surrounding town and county.